I always say the internet found me…

I launched my personal blog 3Chickens and a Boat in 2012 on the Marilyn Denis show in Toronto Canada. From there, I launched the award winning website BLUNTmoms, which draws half a million readers each month and has over 1,200 syndicated contributors.
Based on what I saw as a need in the industry to educate and support influencers and brands, in 2013 I created 3c Consulting.  3C offers social media management, online marketing programs and consulting/coaching and representation for influencers.

Julie’s values have led her vision and business growth over the last 6 years.  She believes in “things that work”, in solving problems and focusing on transparency.

Because of her consistent support of influencers, she has created a loyal tribe that supports the 3C Vales. They deliver exceptional results and amplification of 3C projects and partners.


Julie runs a private community of influencers and offers business support and development through weekly webinars.  She offers private coaching to select clients and has spoken internationally at conferences on topics including business development, pitching and more.


Julie’s sessions are built specifically around detailed take-a-ways. She offers actionable items to attendees to help them apply strategy and see results right away.


Julie believes in living what she coaches, and has had her personal story of moving from the city to the farmlands of Salt Spring island shared in numerous online and print publications, including 2018 August edition O Magazine, and a featured story in the Huffington Post.