Digital Management

All businesses need support, and good support can be difficult to find.  At 3chicken Creative, Julie and her team deliver stress free digital management to cover all your needs.

Content Writing/Ghost Writing

Great content is what rules the web (well, that AND kitten videos). Working together, our team can create a content plan for your business, including topical articles, affiliate content, and even high quality original recipes, craft and lifestyle content that will bring readers to your website.

Social Media Management 

You can’t do EVERYTHING, trust us, we know. But, you need to be engaging on social platforms and building relationships and referrals with your clients to have a successful business.  Our team will audit your current engagement and create a plan to either create or build upon what you have.  Our goal will always be to create conversation, conversion and deliver a consistent stream of eager customers to your website.

Currently our team offers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube account creation and management.  Packages include custom images, and full monthly reporting.

Affiliate Product Development

Your business may focus on selling a service or even a product, but if you develop influence to your market there is also an opportunity to work with affiliate companies and create additional revenue.

Our team will assess your current market, and work with you to source products and companies that you can support.  We will do all the work putting the affiliate products on your website, and with content and social media management, we will even promote them for you!

Talk about easy money!

Editorial Management 

Perhaps your blog has gotten too big for you to handle, or it is bringing in the money for you, but is no longer your passion.  Our team understands how to manage websites to get the best engagement from the content, to create contributor communities that work, and to bring in readers to where you want them to be.

We can manage all aspects of editorial management, including sourcing or creating content, editing, SEO, sponsored content and more.  And, if you hire us to manage your social media, we will even promote the content for you!  It is the easiest way to have a blog to feed your business, or run a successful blog AS a business.
Influencer Sales Management 

Not everyone is a salesperson, and many amazing influencers find this the hardest part of their business.  Perhaps you just are meant to be a salesperson, and should really be focussing your time and efforts on the content you create and the relationships you are building.

Our team can take over the sales management and pitching for your brand, easily delivering better results, with more campaigns and higher prices.

I believe we are meant to spend our time doing what we are best at, lucky for you, I am pretty darn good at sales!