Digital Influence

Having influence and knowing how to use influence are two completely different things.  These days everyone has a voice on line, but for brands, it is finding someone who is willing to use their voice, in their way, for your purpose.

Three Chickens and a Boat

Julie launched her personal blog in September 2012. Within weeks she was being interviewed by Marilyn Denis on her life change and “her blog”.

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From the beginning Julie’s site was created to give her a voice and an opportunity. Her passion has always been finding solutions, and she loves the challenge that branded narratives provide.

3chickensandaboat is a regular branded blog, providing unique narrative content, video and social promotion for a huge range of brands.   Julie is a regular brand ambassador for Kinder Canada, Orange Naturals and Church & Dwight and has done terms with Ryobi Outdoors, Butterball, Sears Canada and more., as well as an “influencer for hire” for network sites like the Yummy Mummy Club, and Chatelaine Magazine.

Her unique ability to deliver high quality branded narratives means that her sponsored content gets equal or MORE views than her regular stories.  She has been able to find the right recipe to deliver advetorial writing in a way that her readers not only accept, but appreciate.

Julie can offer onsite promotions, but can also deliver twitter parties, custom YouTube videos, and other integrated campaign solutions for your business.  Click here for more details, and stats. 

Blunt Moms

BLUNTmoms was created by Julie on a dreary New Years morning, 2013.  It was created as a place for writers to come and step out of their niche, and speak in a different voice.

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2.5 years later BLUNTmoms reaches over 100,000 people per month with their original narratives. They are frequently syndicated by the Huffington Post, and our stories have been translated to various different languages for publication around the globe.

With over 30 writers, and an editorial team that combs through every piece before it is published, we are committed to quality.

We can deliver unique narrative content and have worked with various brands including Disney, Trojan, Maple Leaf Foods and Manulife (look at our range!)  We do have an ‘edge’ but we are also professional and we know our audience. We can get you the views you need, and the unique voice to stand behind your business.