Month Long Pitching Course for Bloggers

Being able to craft and SELL a pitch is what is going to take you from hobby blogger to Business, and it can be one of the most CHALLENGING parts of being an at home entrepreneur, but it is also the most IMPORTANT.

I am in a lucky position to be offering sales and partnership development for multiple influencers across the country, which means I pitch, craft, and create proposals all day long.

For May, and only for may, I will be offering a 4 week pitching class for bloggers.  It doesn’t matter WHAT size you are, only that you are passionate about committing the time to build your business and want to walk away with the skills to do so.

Sales isn’t that hard, but when you start it is nice to have someone in your corner to help you stay on track, write great proposals and focus your energy on what you want to achieve.

Our month long pitching course will do that. In this course you will recieve:
– Bi-Weekly interactive (and taped) webinars using the ZOOM platform (free to use)
– Super Secret Facebook group where you can ask ANY question (even THAT one)
– Direct contact to me for 30 days where I will look over your pitches, brainstorm with you and give you all the tips and tricks up my sleeve. I am your personal “pitch bitch” 🙂
– A community of other influencers, all in the same boat that you can grow and evolve with.

Most of all though, you will be given a plan and a system to make sales a priority and help you stay on track with your revenue goals.

SO…. if you are 100% committed, fill out the details below. You will be invoiced to secure your spot in the class.

Weekly webinars will be run on the following days and times. It is great if you can attend in person so you can ask questions, but if not, the video file will be uploaded and sent to you.

Monday May 2, 10am PST
Wednesday May 4, 9am PST
Monday May 9, 2pm PST
Wednesday May 11, 10am PST
Tuesday May 17, 2pm PST
Thursday May 19, 9am PST
Tuesday May 24, 9am PST
Thursday May 26 10am PST
Tuesday May 31, 1pm PST

Program COST:  $479.00 +gst.

Now, if you are 100% ready to do this….fill out my online form and we can get started!

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