Social Manager Position

3chicken Creative is growing and looking to add a passionate social manager to our team.

Does social media get you excited?  Do you stay awake at night thinking of algorithms and insights?  Does expanding your knowledge and opportunity in the digital community fill your boots?

We are looking to add a Manager of Social Media to the 3chicken Creative team.  If chosen, your job duties will include:

  • managing our team of social media contractors. Assisting with new hiring and assigning client accounts
  • Supporting with creative social strategies to ensure we reach our monthly targets. (max 20 clients) Assess deliverables of accounts, find solutions and make recommendations to ensure.
  • Direct management of no more than 6 client accounts
  • Setting up new client accounts, based on defined strategies.
  • Monthly reporting and recommendations.


This job is for you if:

  • you love social- some platforms more than others, but have a general understanding of all of them.
  • Understand how to explore strategies and opportunities for social growth and reach
  • Can multi task multiple clients and a small team
  • Work from home (or wherever you have wifi access)
  • Don’t require set hours, or set days, but can respond when needed.
  • Are an excellent communicator and understand the importance of responding to a message (even if it is with an emoticon)
  • are looking to grow your skills and knowledge in the industry.
  • are professional, respectful and communicate with kindness and understanding for personal situations, especially when managing contractor staff.
  • Like thinking of creative, out of the box methods that will create REAL followers and engagement for our clients.
  • are willing to take a leap and try something new, and work to grow with our company
  • Are a small business owner, who is interesting in sub contracting for this work (i.e.: you bill me)


$1200 CA per month. No set hours, only project deliverables.

Position starts May 1st.  First month, 600$ compensation, reduced workload, with free high value training in strategy and social media.


How do you apply?
Send the answers to the following questions to, with the subject line SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER

  1. Why. Why do you want this opportunity?  (Like for reals why?)
  2. What skills will you bring to the position
  3. What appeals to you MOST about this position
  4. Do you think you have ALL the skills required?  (be honest)  Where do you think you will need help?
  5. Is there ANYTHING else I should know?
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