Strategy Development

After working with various business partners Julie realized that what people need isn’t a “partner” but a business strategist. Someone to support them through tough decision, help them weigh the odds and find solutions.

Through her strategy development, Julie offers ideas, solutions and a creative approach for business and brands of all sizes.

Her projects range from a one hour consultation with an influencer looking to build their business to month long projects redeveloping brands and messages.

Strategy and Digital Development blend together so nicely as well.  From website building, to integrated campaigns and outreach, Julie uses all her skills to create the solutions that your business needs.

45minute strategy Consultation- Influencers/Bloggers  $89 

This is our chance to dive into your goals, audit your website and help you focus on getting the results you want.  Julie understands what brands are looking for, and how you can find your voice to suit the opportunities in the market.  From sales and pitching, to campaign support (ack, I don’t know WHAT to write) and all the way to full on concept creation, 45 minutes with Julie will fill your brain and light your motivation on fire.

Blogger Mentorship Course

A free 6 week online course for bloggers (or small business WITH a blog) to understand how to best manage your asset so it brings additional revenue and opportunities.  This course is for bloggers wanting to monetize their blog and create a stable business from their online platforms.

Course runs seasonally for 6 weeks. Course is FREE to participate, with additional opportunities to upgrade your services with group or personal coaching.

SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE JANUARY-FEB 2016 COURSE (sign up closes Jan 16)

Integrated Campaigns:

Micro Campaigns can offer a quick blast of engagement that you need to test the waters of influencer marketing.  We do all the work for you, including a call out to our team of 400 influencers, creation of the influencer activation, management of the campaign and delivery of the report.  These campaigns work best when they include a group giveaway that the influencer can support, that will also build the brands following.   Brands will walk away with 20 micro blog posts, plus social links.  Our micro campaigns reach (on average) 700,000 impressions.  $2800

Macro Campaigns are your way to dive deeper and get more complex in the content requests.   We will deliver a 10 influencer campaign, working with brand to define the copy and shortlist the influencers.  All aspects of the campaign are managed by our team, and a full report is delivered.  These campaigns can achieve upwards of 20 million impressions (including a twitter party)  $6000

Please email to discuss any of these options directly, or to chat about another strategy project.