6 Week Blogger Mentorship Course

Throughout my life I have always been involved in mentorship and coaching. From my days teaching swimming lessons, to running university aquatic centres, it was always an integral part of my career.

After I left the “real working world” and became an entrepreneur I was drawn into business coaching and support for women.  I became frustrated with how many women, mostly mothers, where running businesses without the sales knowledge, or confidence in their skills.  Without “making it a mission” I did exactly that, and “made it my mission” to encourage, support and educated women to become more confident in digital sales, and in understanding how to make a stable business from their online assets.

Over 3 years of blogger mentorship, coaching  and small businesses support, I have been able to assist over 300 people and help them better define the business they want to run.  During this time, there were always those who needed support, but couldn’t afford coaching, and that inspired me to find a way to offer a free coaching program  and blogger mentorship to share my processes and tricks to blog monetization.

We ran our first blogger mentorship course with great success, and are thrilled to offer a second blogger mentorship!

Any influencer, blogger or small business can sign up to participate in this 6 week FREE blogger mentorship course.  It is self directed, and participates will receive the following:

  • Emails with tips, tricks, videos and homework 3x a week (m/w/f)
  • A facebook support group to share questions and ideas, and get support.
  • Opportunity to connect with networks, and other individuals in the industry who can provide support and opportunities.

Check out what some of last sessions students had to say!

” I am so thankful for you and this course. Your expertise and willingness to share is so fresh and positive”

“The assignments helped me tighten up my site and explore social media streams more.”

“I found my direction, I reached out to the brands I wanted to, and I am opening a dialogue with them now. I am excited about 2016!”

“It is easy to understand and follow with resources you are not going to find anywhere else!”


If you are interested in participating in our next Blogger Mentorship  course, click to add your name to the list! 


Our courses run every 2 months throughout the year! 

But, don’t forget, the online FREE BLOGGER MENTORSHIP course is available for you to participate in with no cost!  You can be a part of a tribe of influencers who are passionate about finding the business in their blog just by signing up here! 

And never fear, you can participate in the FREE course as many times as you like!  Your success in this course is dependant on the work YOU put in and how you use the resources offered to you during the 6 week period!

If you have questions about this program, or any others offered by Julie Nowell, please email me at julie@julienowell.com