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You are new to this whole world.

Hey, we all have to start somewhere right? I’ve created affordable online books and guides to give you the foundation you need to make sure you’re starting the right way from the get go.

You get how this world works.

Now you just need a shot of strategy to keep making progress.

 Think of these books more like an online course, they take you to the next level, and have the option to add on a 45 minute laser focused strategy call.

You are a self taught master.

You’ve read the books, you know how this works, you are making progress but have hit a plateau. You’re ready for a strategist.I work fast, and together we can push you beyond your dreams to create magic. 

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Happy Clients

  • Think & Work Bigger

    ” Julie and her team are phenomenal with helping plan a viable roadmap with your blog/business. They have shown me how to get the most out of my business development, shown me which tools will work for me the best, and have inspired me to shift my business mindset, to think and work bigger- all to build and grow my brand and business. Julie has been such an asset to the organization and growth of my business! ” 

    Think & Work Bigger
    Marie Denee
  • A Perfect Marriage

    Social Media Influencing can be a very scary business. It is imperative to find a consulting firm that can find you products and brands that fit your audience. My followers know that I speak the truth and they can trust the products that I bring to our community. Working with 3C has given me the ability to focus on the content while they chase the dollar. I’m not a sales person, and with 3C I don’t have to be.  It is a perfect marriage. “

    meredith masony
    Meredith Masony
    Founder & Creator
  • Get Focused

    ” I must say, I am loving this course!! It’s really been a huge help getting me focused and providing me with a plethora of information to help me out. And we’re only a week in! Thanks so much for providing this awesome course for us bloggers, you rock! “

    Get Focused
    Julie Morton Jensen
  • Fix Your Pain Points

    Julie Nowell and her team at 3C Consulting have been able to skyrocket my business success while at the same time making me happier and more fulfilled as an entrepreneur. …In almost 18 months working with the team, I have seen traffic, influence, engagement and my reputation as an influencer increase exponentially.

    Fix Your Pain Points
    Jill Amery
    Editor in Chief