Get Learning


But why do you even want these books?

8 years ago I quit my very stuffy job at a University and created my own job, out of a spark and a hunch that the world was changing, and that technology had changed us. I shifted and made the move to the digital industry, initially as a blogger, then marketer turned influencer manager. Now, I sit in a position working with both brands and influencers, focussing on result driven projects, and creating sustainable businesses for you!

I’ve done the part where I’ve made my clients a bundle of money. I’ve done the part where I made MYSELF 7 figures. These days, I just want to help you make things that will change the world. (big goal, I know) But, what can I say, I’m a big goal kinda person.

Most people don’t need all of my skills right away, they just need my knowledge, so I wrote it all down!

These e-books will cover everything you need RIGHT now! After you have mastered them, let’s chat and look at what we do next to push past your limitations and break the ceiling you think you have hit! We will make YOU that 1% that makes the impact!