EIC Contractor Support

We are looking to bring on a passionate Editor of a new collaborative Parenting site, focussing on video content,  for June 1st. Your goal will be to ensure consistent publishing of high quality and fully optimized content to the site.


·      Increase traffic to the website by publishing original and syndicated content from our community, video and text content required.

·      Support the creation of a strong and stable contributor community, and provide editorial feedback and leadership

·      Support sponsored campaigns, as required.


·      Creating an editorial calendar for deployment, and implement to the contributor team

·      Providing all content editing, image uploads, optimization and promotion. Ensure SEO expectations are met on every published post.  Video editing not required, although content editing on video posts is included.

·      Managing incoming sponsored content, ensuring all sponsored content is promoted as per the required brand activations

·      Publish a min of 5 fully optimized original blog posts each week.

·      Renovate and improve archived content for re-sharing or re-publishing (min 2 posts a week)

·      Finish edit syndicated content from group to publish to site ( min 2 posts per week)

·      Understand how to work within the YouTube platform, pulling videos for embedding, and managing publishing directly within that system.

·      Working within the basecamp platform, ensure that all content is being shared and supported by our Social Management team

·      Work with our team to create an inspiring new digital brand that reaches and affects parents across North America.

·      Take a passionate approach to making suggestions to improve the performance of the website with the goals of escalating the community brand.

·      Support the author management as they upload content and work within the wordpress platform

·      Amend, and edit static pages on the  Website as needed.



Reporting:  A monthly report will be due on the 2nd day of each month.
Information to be included:

·      Monthly published content

·      Analytics report – traffic assessment

·      Recommendations and suggestions

·      Key moments and highlights

·      Compiled team reports


To apply for this position, please email Julie@julienowell.com with the following information. Please put EIC SUPPORT in the subject line.  Position posting will close May 23rd. Position start date estimated at June 1, 2016.


  1. Why do you want to work with 3chicken Creative?
  2. Why do you feel you are a good fit for this position?
  3. What skills will you bring to the EIC role?
  4. What support or assistance do you feel you will need to fulfill this role (don’t worry, we ALL need some)
  5. Video will be the main cornerstone of our content. Tell us about your experience using and working with video on a digital platform.
  6. SEO: How is your knowledge?  Good, bad, or ugly.  Tell me what you know and where the weaknesses are.
  7. We want our editor to also create a community of authors for our site. What benefits would you deliver to a team of uncompensated contributors?
  8. Suggest a content theme for the month of July, including specific prompts for our writers and video creators to share to our site.

Starting compensation at $1200 (CA) per month.

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