Let’s Chat


The biggest frustration I have in my business is my clients can’t keep up!  In the digital world there is no time to slow our creativity.  My expectations of you are that we dominate our tasks list, that we master our goals and we go bigger than you have ever imagined.

I want to work with the 1%  aka the extraordinary.  The ones who have built something, but want MORE. I won’t be your YES person, in fact, I will question you, and push you WAAAYYYY out of your comfort zone.

But i’ll be damned if we don’t create something pretty amazing.

So, if you are there, let’s chat. (julie (at) julienowell.com )

If you aren’t…. keep learning… grab another e-book, or visit me on social.  Ill be here waiting for when you are ready to take this seriously and make it your commitment.