I have spent 8 years moving through the influencer and digital marketing industry. Initially as a blogger, then marketer turned influencer manager, I sit in a position working with both brands and influencers, focussing on result driven projects, and creating sustainable businesses for you!

I’ve done the part where I’ve made my clients a bundle of money.  I’ve done the part where I made MYSELF 7 figures.  These days, I just want to help you make things that will change the world. (big goal, I know)

In the midst of all this, I wrote down everything I learned along the way…. creating a guide for you too easily follow to create the digital business and brand of your dreams!

These e-books will cover everything you need RIGHT now!  After you have mastered them… let’s chat and look at what we do next to push past your limitations and break the ceiling you think you have hit!  We will make YOU that 1% that makes the impact!